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Welcome to Homeseekers

The Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme for Council and Housing Association properties in Tower Hamlets.

We are a partnership of 19 Housing Associations and the Council (includes Tower Hamlets Homes).  We operate a Common Housing Register, which means there is only one Housing Register and all housing applications made are assessed using a single Allocations Scheme approved by the partners.

We aim to give you more choice about deciding where you want to live and maximise housing opportunities available to you. We advertise Council, Co-operative and Housing Association homes available to rent.

Properties are advertised each week and if you are eligible and qualify to join the Housing Register, then you can express an interest (bid) for these properties.

You can bid on up to three properties each week through this website. 

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Advertising dates 19

Current cycle

15 Mar, until 21 Mar

Next cycle

Starts 22 Mar, until 28 Mar
Parking in Tower Hamlets. Changes to the Permit Transfer Scheme.
The Council has agreed changes to the criteria for the Permit Transfer Scheme.  Details are on the Bidding Help / Parking and Permits page.
Published: Wednesday 24 October 2018

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