Do you live in a home which has more bedrooms than you need?

If your answer is yes, and you would like to move to a smaller property, you may be able to get help from your landlord.

Please see our leaflet for full details.


Here are some case studies:

  1. Harry was struggling in his 3 bedroom home as it was too large for him but he was worried about the process of moving. His landlord helped him bid for a new home and arranged his removals and to get his electrical appliances installed. Without this help Harry would not have moved and now he is very happy in his smaller home.

  2. Mo was happy in his 2 bedroom property, which was above the ground floor, until his arthritis meant that he needed surgery. He has now moved to a smaller more manageable property on the ground floor and he has noticed a dramatic improvement in his health.

  3. Rose had happily lived in her 3 bedroom home where she raised her family. Over the years her family grew up and moved out and her health deteriorated. With help she has now moved to a 2 bedroom property with no stairs and now has a garden. Although she loved her old home she is delighted with her new one.