Different rules apply for parking on street (the public highway) and on estate in Tower Hamlets.  On street is managed by the Council and the Highways Agency.  Estate parking is managed by the Landlord who owns (or manages) the estate. 

Council estates (including leasehold properties) streets and roads are managed by Tower Hamlets Homes.  Housing Association's (Registered Providers) manage the parking on their estates.  

On our advertised properties we will tell you what the parking availability/rules are, but please read the guidance below as this will help you make an informed choice when bidding for properties.  Please read the parking pages of the Council website.

Car Free Homes

The Council's 'car free homes'  planning policy was introduced in Tower Hamlets in the late 1990s to help reduce traffic congestion and better manage the limited supply of on-street parking spaces. This initiative also helps to reduce the level of air pollution from motor vehicles and encourages more people to walk, cycle and go by public transport.   

Please see full details on the Council website.

Permit Transfer Scheme

The PTS is subject to the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must be living in:

    1.1  an overcrowded social or private rented property and move to a larger social rented property with two or more bedrooms; or

    1.2 an under-occupied social rented property and move to a social rented property with less bedrooms.
  2. The applicant must satisfy the resident on-street parking permit eligibility criteria.
  3. Only one on-street resident permit can be held in the household.
  4. If a member of the household obtains or holds an on-street resident permit under the blue badge exemption, then the household cannot obtain or hold a permit under the PTS as well.
  5. These criteria came into force on 30 November 2023. Therefore, a resident will not qualify for a permit under the new rules if they had moved prior to this date under any circumstances, and there will be no right of appeal.


Please see full details on the council webpage.