There are many public sector jobs where it is hard to recruit and retain essential staff. If you are employed full or part time on a permanent contract within the Local Authority area as one of the following you will be considered for inclusion in a priority target group:

  • ambulance staff who are paramedics
  • fully qualified nurses working in the Borough’s NHS hospitals
  • fire fighters and police officers stationed in the Borough
  • teachers working in the Borough’s LEA maintained schools

Please read the Key Workers section of the Allocations Scheme document for further information.


Occasionally some of our Partner Landlords have individual schemes for Key workers.  Listed below are the current schemes;


The Peabody Regency keyworker Scheme.

Peabody provide affordable housing options for London key workers who do not qualify for social housing and are not currently in a position to enter into home ownership. These homes are former Crown Estate properties so Peabody have called them their Regency Portfolio.

To find out more about this scheme and who is eligible, please click here.