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Belgrave Street Housing Co-Op

Living in a Housing Co-operative is not like having a Council or Housing Association tenancy.

Co-op tenants essentially run the organisation and are expected to help out.

You will be expected to participate in the running of the Co-op and it's properties.

Belgrave Co-Op seeks new tenants who can:

• Regularly attend committee meetings for two hours every month and contribute to decision making to run the Co-op.

• Occasionally inspect houses and draw up lists of repairs.

• Take repair requests from tenants and in emergencies contact the Co-op’s agent or contractors in order to carry out emergency repairs.

• Occasionally provide advice and support to our tenants.

You may be rejected by the Co-op if you are unable to meet the above requirements.

Please note that the Co-op does not have a Right To Buy.

Please be aware of this information when bidding for homes in Belgrave Street Housing Co-operative.

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