The information below will help you understand the bidding process. You must also carefully read all the information on adverts before you place a bid. This is because a refusal of any offer made to you could result in you losing your priority on the housing register.  

What is a bid

A bid is your expression of interest in being considered for an advertised property.

Why do I have to bid

We can only consider people for properties that they have told us they are interested in unless a direct offer is made, which is rare.

When can I bid

The bidding cycle opens at 00:01hrs on Friday morning and closes the next week at midnight (00:00hrs) on the Thursday.

Is there any advantage if I place bids early in the advert cycle

NO. Many people think they will be prioritised first if they bid for a property early during the advert cycle. There is absolutely no advantage because your priority will remain the same although your queue position will change if other applicants with higher priority place bids for the same property during the advert cycle.

What happens if I do not bid

We will not be able to consider you for any available properties.

How can I bid

You can bid on this website for homes currently being advertised. If you have a smart phone your web browser will automatically be re-directed to our mobile version of the bidding site.

How many times can I bid

There is a limit of 3 properties you can bid on per weekly cycle. However in new build developments where the property attributes are similar, they will be grouped as a single advert and your expression of interest will count as 1 bid. 

How does a multiple advert bid work

This is when 1 advert is used to group a multiple number of properties with same attributes i.e. floor level, bedroom size etc. If you bid for a grouped advert it will count as a single bid for all the properties in the group.

Will I have the same queue position for all multiple adverts in a group

Yes. The multiple advert bid will give you the same queue position for all properties in that group.

What is the best time to bid

There is no best time to bid, however as you place your bid you will be given a queue position for that property which will change as more people bid during the cycle.

What will be my final queue position

You should check your bid position before the cycle ends on the Thursday. You can also see your final queue position after the cycle has closed.

Can I change my mind and remove my bid(s)

Yes, you can withdraw any or all of your bids, but only during the current cycle in which the property is advertised. You should only place bids for homes you are interested in and stand a better chance of being considered for based on your queue position(s).

How do I check my bidding history

You can do this on this website. You can see your bids for the current cycle with their current bid position as well as bids you have made in the past. 

I have been awarded health priority - how should I bid

Please do NOT bid for properties that do not match the recommendations of your health priority award. Otherwise we may not be able to consider you for the property.

How will I know if my bid was successful

If your bid was successful you will receive an offer to view the property.