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Bidding for smaller property


Do I have the option to bid for a property smaller than my assessed (or 'ideal') bedroom need?

To ease any financial hardship that the Welfare Reforms may cause some families or to help those households affected by the Bedroom Tax, applicants will have the option to bid for a property smaller than their assessed bedroom need as outlined in the Tower Hamlets Allocations Scheme.

You will still be able to bid for the size of property that we have assessed your household as requiring, but you may also choose to bid for a property which is one bedroom and one bed space smaller than what you ideally need is. 

What happens if I am rehoused to a home smaller than my assessed need and apply for rehousing?

If you bid and are housed to a property that is smaller than your assessed need and then make a transfer application for rehousing you will then start with a new registration date i.e. you will lose your previous waiting time on the housing register.